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COVID 19 – Resources offered by BAIHP

COVID 19 – Resources offered by BAIHP

CEO Mr. M. Angel Galvez wants to ensure the Native American and Alaska Native people have access to the data and make informed educated decisions in weighing the risk. BAIHP received the Moderna vaccine from Indian Health Services and started vaccinating in early February. Since then, it has dedicated one day a week to offer the vaccine to Native American and Alaska Native persons. BAIHP offers the vaccine at no cost and integrates its “COVID Vaccine Clinic Day” with emergency support services. We care about providing quality and safe care, and it is comforting to know that EMS services are on standby, said Mr. Galvez.


As a measure of strengthening and improving Bakersfield American Indian Health Project’s services, BAIHP has partnered with California State University of Bakersfield to perform SWOT of our services. Please help us improve by taking the following survey that best applies to you:

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