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Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Nation is receiving $1.8 billion in COVID-19 recovery funds through President Biden’s American Rescue Plan. This plan will provide every Cherokee citizen with a total of $2,000 in direct relief assistance while also bolstering the tribe’s metal health and wellness initiatives, assisting Cherokee-owned small education, housing, job training and more for Cherokee families.

If you are registered or need to register with the Cherokee Nation, please follow the link below so you can receive these funds for you and your loved ones:

Traditional Rawhide


How Native Americans in the arts are preserving tradition in a changing society. Mr. Gene Albitre (Elder—Kumeyaay Tribe) enjoys teaching traditional rawhide works and custom creations.

You can participate by contacted Eugene “Gene” Albitre by e-mail or visit by clicking on the link to his website:  http://traditionalrawhide.com/

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